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What is Really ADHD? stall

On 17 November 2017, at the University of Kelara, under theme “what is Really ADHD?”, Hypper along with 9 volunteers set up a stall to spread awareness about ADHD, problems & its root causes, and Hypper’s solutions. Through “ADHD simulation life” video, one on one & group presentations, and posters, we shared awareness of how important it is to tackle this issue.

A journalist from The Hindu news also came to do an interview with the founder Pannavat Veeraburinon asking about what is his motivation to start up his organization. He marked:

Well, I was diagnosed with ADHD since I was 8 year-old, so I always thought that I suffered from this disorder. But, actually when I looked back, I did not suffer from ADHD, I suffered from my teachers who did not know how to support me, parents who love me so much, but did not know how to take care of me, and the ignorance from the society.

At the end of the day, more than 100 people visited our stall, 75 of them interesting in getting involved, and sign up for receiving our newsletter. Also, we conducted 200 surveys to gather opinions from the university students about hyper activity, ADHD, a way of living and consuming, and what could Hypper and they do to make an environment friendlier for children and teenagers.

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