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Hypper / Founder

Education and achievements

  1. Doctorate Psychology Counselling Psychology from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (present)
  2. Master of Science in Psychology (accredited conversion course) from University of Stirling, UK
  3. Dalai Lama Fellows from the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center, USA
  4. Bachelor of social science (International Relations and Peace Studies) from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan
  5. Certificate of Leadership for Social Change from Kanthari international, India
  6. One of the two selected youth delegate of Telenor Youth Forum 2016-2017, Norway

Pannavat Veeraburinon

Founder & Director of Hypper

Pannavat Veeraburinon was born with ADHD. Until the age of 9, he can’t read any Thai or English word. At one point, his teacher asked his parents to send him to a special school. This incident led him into depression and eating disorder. During high school, he had to deal with a lot of pressure from his family. Consequently, he became an alcoholic and heavy smoker for 5 years.

Fortunately, on his third year, one of his friends invited him to her church. People gave him an opportunity to lead the Friday service. After that, they taught him how to sing and he started to sing on every Sunday. Through the positive environment, he started to change himself little by little. Later, he created the storytelling project “This is me” and I had the opportunity to present it on CNBC and The Nation news,  forums, conferences, join the 2016 Noble Peace Prize ceremony, and travel to four different countries.

But every time he looks back, he feels like the first 20 years of his life was a waste. Finally, he found the meaning of his life, which is to show others that ADHD doesn’t have to be a problem. Also, the fact that he does not want other ADHD children or teenagers have to go through what he had to his experience pushed him to start the Hypper organization.

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