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Rieneke van Dommelen

Hypper / Rieneke van Dommelen

Education and achievements

  1. Master in Psychology; Utrecht University; The Netherlands
  2. Registered as Clinical Child Psychologist and Child Psychotherapist; Postgraduate study at SPON; The Netherlands
  3. Registered as EMDR Europe Practitioner; Postgraduate study for traumatised children at VEN; The Netherlands
  4. Therapist specialized in attachement disorders;  Postgraduate study at Thoomes-Vreugdenhil; The Netherland

Rieneke van Dommelen

Project Adviser

Rieneke has worked as a child-psychologist for more than 20 years. She started to work in the pediatric departments of various university and general hospitals. She also performed scientific research in that field. Since 2007, she is working in a private practice, together with four other psychotherapists and a psychiatrist.

She currently works with children with complex psychological problems. Hyperactivity and inattentiveness is seen in a lot of children that are treated in this practice. The background of these problems can be very different. Some of them have ADHD, others have psychiatric problems with hyperactivity as a symptom.

Rieneke thinks it is important to reduce the number of misdiagnosis, especially of ADHD and to prevent the use of ADHD-medication when it is not strictly necessary. In The Netherlands, there are a lot of children with no psychiatric problems like ADHD, but with problems in school because of hyperactive or inattentive behaviour. However, in those cases, schools themselves have a system to reduce those problems in a way that children are not misdiagnosed with for example ADHD and in a way they are enforced in their own strengths.

In therapy, Rieneke has two main points of special interest. Firstly, the psycho-education: i.e. explanation to children, parents and teachers about the reason why they experience problems. Secondly, the focus on the strengths of the children and their parents, so that they see how they can compensate for the problems they are facing.

Rieneke is married and has two adolescent children. In her spare time she loves sporting, especially running, and to travel. Furthermore, she likes to support others that are motivated to empower others, especially those, who had a lot of challenges in their lives.

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