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01Activities & Exhibitions

We provide seven-week creative activities & exhibitions together with transformative learning for the children and teenagers (8-19-year-old) during school vacation.

Creative activities like street and oil paintings will be the tools for them to express and reflect their thoughts and ideas, and show it to the public at an exhibition.

Physical activities such as Muay Thai and Muay Chaiya (Thai modern & traditional boxing) will be the tools for them to not only perform their talents to the society, but also learn and understand their history and culture.

  • Our participants have new skills, attitudes, and ideas.
  • Our participants embrace themselves, gain their confidence and overcome challenges.
  • Improvement in academic and activity performances in school.
  • improvement their focus, while decreasing their hyperactive, inattentive, and impulsive.

02Training Sessions

We offer sessions for parents and teachers to embrace their high energy students and children. For teachers, we provide teaching methods. For parents, we provide awareness about foods & drinks, health, and tips & advise for empowering their children.

The teachers are able to understand and empower students with hyper activity and ADHD

Increase academic intervention by the teachers

Improvement in academic and activity performances from the students

Reduction of school dropout from the children/teenagers.

03Awareness campaigns

For the government, families, and society, we create awareness campaigns about how culture, education, and other issues affect the children and teenagers. This solution includes but is not limited to storytelling, writing of articles, comics, social media, petitions, and gamification.

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Fully supporting and empowering the children and teenagers 0

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