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Hypper / Vision and Missions

Who/what/where/how is Hypper?


a world where all children and teenagers with hyper-activity, hyper-creativity, and those with ADHD embrace themselves to overcome challenges and where education, families, and the society have an understanding and created a friendly environment for the children and teenagers is the vision of the organization Hypper.


Our goal is to improve the following:

– Friendly environment for children and teenagers with hyper-activity, hyper-creativity, and those with ADHD.

– Interventions by parents, teachers, schools, higher institutions, and the government.

– An inclusive educational system with a flexible curriculum

– Awareness of how conservative culture, fast food, and internet addictions affect the children and teenagers.

– Awareness of ADHD in schools, communities, and families.

– The general public knows how to recognize the ADHD symptoms.

Expected impacts by 2019

By 2019, our expected impacts are:

– 100 of the participants to be creative, have skills and to be confident.

–  100 teachers and parents in Thailand receive our sessions.

– Awareness having been raise one-tenth of the government, schools, families, and society. Hence, leading to a significant reduction of school-dropouts, caused by hyper-acitivity or ADHD.

Expected impacts by 2024

By 2024, our expected impacts are:

– 500 of our participants are not only capable of various skills, but also are able to contribute to society freely and creatively.

– 500 teachers and parents can be able to support and empower the children and teenagers in term of academic and life.

– Less than 10% of the children and teenagers need to drop out from both school and college, therefore preventing them from life failure.

What is the meaning of Hypper?

Hypper is a cross between hyper and hipper which is a slang of the word cool.

Thus, our slogan is “We are hypper! we are hyper in a cool way!”.


A home where parents always say “My child is super hyper… We like it!”, a classroom where teachers allow their students to jump up and down, move around, and learn freely and creatively, a culture where people accept differences and celebrate diversity, and a nation where all children and teenagers  with hyper activity and those with ADHD have not only various skills, but be able to contribute back to the society!

Our Solutions

  •  Two-month extracurricular activities & exhibitions together with transformative learning for children and teenagers with hyper creativity, hyper activity, and those with ADHD (8-19-year-old)
  • Training sessions for teachers and parents
  • Awareness campaigns about how culture, education, and other issues affect the children and teenagers for the government, families, and society

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